fosdick management team

Management Team

William Pappas

William Pappas has been with Fosdick Corporation since its inception, having worked in all phases of the business and rose through the ranks to become President in 1990. In October of 1999, he purchased the business.

Bob Formica

Chief Operating Officer
Bob Formica has twenty-five years of fulfillment experience. Bob’s main responsibility is to ensure a smooth transition and maintain complete client satisfaction throughout the relationship.

Christopher Pappas

Vice-President of Information Technology
Christopher Pappas has fifteen years of fulfillment experience. As the head of Information Technologies, Christopher has been instrumental in creating and maintaining our current fulfillment systems.

Tom Denne

Vice President, Operations
Tom Denne has nineteen years of fulfillment experience. Tom brings an in depth knowledge of Retail, DTC and Returns processing experience to Fosdick.

George Fanolis

Vice President of New Business Development
George Fanolis has twenty-three years of fulfillment experience. George’s main role, through the years, has been to match our systems and capabilities with that of potential clients and to craft equitable contracts.

Jennifer Denne

Vice President, Human Resources
Jennifer Denne has worked for Fosdick for 26 years. Jennifer heads up our experienced staff of HR Specialists serving the needs of all employees of Fosdick Fulfillment.

John Wang

Director of Information Technology
John Wang has twenty-two years of fulfillment experience. It is with his overall technological experiences and knowledge of our systems that facilitates the process of being able to modify programs specific to each client’s needs.

Steven Rusate

Director of Contact Center Operations
Steven Rusate has seven years of fulfillment experience. Steven is integral in spearheading efforts to ensure clients achieve profitability through customer service initiatives.

Randy Pulling

Director of Channel Sales
Randy Pulling has twenty-four years of fulfillment experience. Randy is able to forge solid relationships with clients and partners through a strategic and tactical service oriented approach.

Jill Stanizzi

Manager of Client Services
Jill Stanizzi has eleven years of fulfillment experience. Jill, in her position of Client Services Manager, plays a key role in setting up and maintaining all aspects of client relations.

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