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Television Direct Response

Television Direct Response or DRTV is a powerful marketing engine that empowers consumers with product knowledge and drives direct sales over the telephone, through the web, and all ancillary channels of distribution. Fosdick is a pioneer and the undisputed leader of fulfillment solutions for products sold via infomercials and commercials featuring toll-free numbers and website addresses for direct ordering.


  • Data Driven Technology- Pertinent data such as Inventory, Customer Status, Production, Tracking is available 24/7. Multiple access points for API File Exchange, traditional reporting, Web Portal Access.
  • Omni Channel Integrations – Ability to Integrate with a variety of EDI challenges to facilitate Direct to Consumer storefront, Full Service Order Processing, third party drop shipping, Full Retail Distribution, and Wholesale Distribution.


  • Fosdick’s experience team of experts will insure your project will be implemented properly – Data Control, Project Managers/Client Administrators, Warehouse Engineers, Operations Specialists, and Inventory Experts, will all guide you through the setup process with an eye on protecting your brand and the customer experience.


  • With over 2,000,000 square feet our National Footprint allows you and your customers to enjoy the benefits of our multiple distribution points, competitive shipping rates designed to make the buying experience pleasurable. All of our warehouses and equipment are engineered to pick, pack, and ship your orders in the most efficient and accurate manner possible.
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